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Re: Karen/QCUSA address

What good is a QCUSA if it does not want to communicate with this list? This
is as legitimate a "Audi club" as the QCUSA. I unfortunately has sent them
my $36
before all this has happened. Now I am very disappointed.

I have two questions: How many reader of this list is a QCUSA member?
and how many people are on this list that would qualify for a QCUSA membership?
I cannot imagine the QCUSA would alienate a large potential membership
group, unless
the numbers are not siginificant. Can we get a roll call or something of
existing QCUSA member
and Quattro owners on this list? I would volunteer to count the votes if you
would just send
a very short email to me directly, instead of flooding this list.

>     Todd Candey said:
>     Hold your horses.
>     Despite all that's been said and done, The reason that Karen is no 
>     longer on this list or available via email at all is at the request of 
>     QCUSA. It seems that against the wishes of the board of the club, 
>     Karen took it upon herself to try to answer/not answer/answer 
>     incorrectly, all of the items she was presented with by this list.
>     Wether right or wrong, she is not the person we need to look to for 
>     answers about the club. The items we're all looking to here about will 
>     be presented to members first, in the next issue of the quarterly, and 
>     then to the members of the list most likely via private email.
from the keyboard of: pk@orac.com