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Going for it!

Hi all,

well recently after I submit my idea on a new club I got a lot of 
positive feedback.

To fill you in a litte about myself:

I am the founder of the UCSA "United Computer Stores Asc." which I 
formed in 1993.

There are currently around 1500 computer stores in this organization.
we do mass purchasing out of Taipei,Singapore, and Hong Kong along 
with American Manufacture direct. to keep our prices rock bottom. this 
turned in to a big success. 

I would like to base this club by using the same technuiqes that we used 
to make the UCSA a sucess.    

I got on the phone yesterday and today and looked in to seeing exactly 
what we can offer as far as club benifets.. 

here are some of the benifets the club will be working on to offer.

 #1 Discounted Audi Parts 

 #2 Hotel/Motel Discounts

 #3 Airline discounts

 #4 Tire company Dicounts or exclusive rebates 

 #5 National Chain Restarunt Discounts 

 #6 I am working on more

 This would be a great part of some of the savings we can 
 obtain and its not far a way to becoming a reality. 

Along with club events/gatherings and links with other clubs activites

I am creating a home Page dedicated to this new Club it should be up and 
active within 3 weeks. I have ordered The dedicated line a fax line and 
a voice line it will be installed a week from this friday. 

I will send more information as I have it.

for now any input would be of help


Nick Van Houte