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RE: Chips

Also, to be fair, Glen, as I recall, the Superchips advertising materials
spoke of an "ECU modification", not a "chip modification".  Perhaps not a
full disclosure of techniques but hardly deceptive.  

The increased power output was definitely provided as advertised.  

I suspect that most potential purchasers really don't care and wouldn't
understand if the information were *fully* explained.  The members of this
list are, I believe, a rather select group of Audi owners and are a cut
above most in their level of expertise and understanding of how their fine
Audimobiles work.

Peter's posts to this group has been forthcoming and direct.  He has been
cooperative and helpful (and mighty patient with sometimes rather offensive
criticism).  Don't you think it's time to lay off of him a bit?

At 07:20 AM 5/31/96 -0400, you wrote:
>>To be fair to all tuners, I think that their products need to evaluated on
>>an individual basis. 
>Agreed. Also, all tuners should be fair, honest and technically accurate in
their claims and advertising. A company named 'superchips'  claiming to
provide 'chip upgrades' should be doing exactly that - providing CHIP
UPGRADES - not some cheap resistor or zener hack. This is not an issue about
HP claimed being achieved/not achieved or about what company's mod is
'best', it's about honesty, truth in advertising and technical accuracy.
Personally, I won't deal with any company that is dishonest and/or attempts
to mislead potential customers and not delivering what was claimed,
advertised and the customer expected to receive in good faith - on principal
- I don't care how great the product might be. If they're not honest about
something so basic as claiming to 'upgrade chips' but delivering cheap HW
hacks, what else would one need to question? I don't want to have to worry
about it. I have confidence in products from manufacturers that make honest
clamis and deliver what they promise.
>Don't change the contents & function of the CHIP - don't claim 'chip
upgrades'. It's that simple!
>If this one mod is all one ever would  do - well - perhaps OK, you might
get away with it. If one is planning other mods and engineering a larger
total solution it is CRITICAL to know exactly how these mods work, what is
affected and exactly how it all works and is implemented so that a complete,
well engineered solution is possible without undesireable side effects,
melted pistons, ventilated blocks, etc. If the manufacturer is lying or
supplying misleading information about their products how can one possibly
engineer a proper, safe  and optimum system? It's tough enough already!
>Analogy: Your doctor knows you best and prescribes a specific drug for an
illness. He knows the side effects, your health, family history, other
maladies and drugs you might be taking. You go to the pharmacy to fill the
prescription and the pharmacist substitues something totally different
becuase he gets a far higher profit margin on this other drug, afterall, it
too can be used to treat the same illness - to bad for you that the cheap
substitue has nasty side effects, interacts with something else and you're dead.
>Comparing the performance of different mods is a different but no less
important issue.
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