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RE: Chips

Also, to be fair, Glen, as I recall, the Superchips advertising materials
spoke of an "ECU modification", not a "chip modification".  

Nope. That's IA you are thinking of. Shall I quote? Go back and check.

I suspect that most potential purchasers really don't care and wouldn't
understand if the information were *fully* explained.  The members of this
list are, I believe, a rather select group of Audi owners and are a cut
above most in their level of expertise and understanding of how their fine
Audimobiles work.

Does not justify false claims.

Peter's posts to this group has been forthcoming and direct.  He has been
cooperative and helpful (and mighty patient with sometimes rather offensive

Agreed. I respect this highly.

Don't you think it's time to lay off of him a bit?

Only when he corrects the false advertising and offers true 'chip upgrades' to all existing customers.....