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Ginster Monsters

In a message dated 96-05-31 08:15:15 EDT, you write:

>On page 94 there's a picture of a train full of yellow Audi 80s, with a
>caption saying, translated from German: 'By special order, 30 yellow Audi
>80s for the USA' The picture shows only 80 sedans, as far as I can see. It
>seems that this colour was indeed available from the factory.

Ginster Yellow CQ's came to US of A, 4 as show cars - NY,CHI, LA, DET (no
airbags), 5 as press cars (airbag retrofit).....  So far the consesus is that
Ginsters reside: 1 is in MN, a couple in CO, 1 out east, 2 in NW region, 1 in
MI (now at Shaumburg audi - IL with blown engine).....  That only leaves a
couple unaccounted for....