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Chips/Modified ECU's

In a message dated 96-05-31 09:13:07 EDT, you write:

>Also, to be fair, Glen, as I recall, the Superchips advertising materials
>spoke of an "ECU modification", not a "chip modification".  
>Nope. That's IA you are thinking of. Shall I quote? Go back and check.
>I suspect that most potential purchasers really don't care and wouldn't
>understand if the information were *fully* explained.  The members of this
>list are, I believe, a rather select group of Audi owners and are a cut
>above most in their level of expertise and understanding of how their fine
>Audimobiles work.
>Does not justify false claims.

I'm with your thinking on this, glen....  When I asked directly to PW the
question is he making the claim that he modifies "CHIPS" or are we talking
ECU "MODS" on the audis I got a very good "you're busted" note back from him
with his business decision not to delve into the chip mods cuz of costs,
number of units available to sell, etc. etc. etc.....  A very indirect way of
saying NO, THE CHIPS ARE NOT MODIFIED PROGRAMS (and I would insert here, ARE
IN FACT STOCK CHIPS), but the ECU IS MODIFIED....  And given his post, the
price of that mod might be mighty cheap.....   I do not blame or flame the
guy for the business decision, but I do feel there is deception when the
INFERENCE is that there are programming changes.....  The fact is there are
not programming changes, and it really isn't a big deal to me, but the
language syntax and ethics of the CHIP vs ECU mods are just as clear, and it
shouldn't matter if you are a rocket scientist or a q-shipper, the
terminology is significant and clearly defined.....  And obviously an
effective sales tool.....  As PW says hisself, some of SC applications ARE
chipped mods,  some AREN'T "chipped" just modified ECU'd, just remember the
audis fall into the latter category.....   Which by PW own slogan is an
oxymoron, cuz in fact, and obviously, timing ISN'T everything - on an audi,
cuz no Chip mods means audi did everything (Just add boost), so maybe that
 part of the propygander might go away here.......