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mad dogs (and EPROM mods)

First of all, I'm not intending to pick on anyone here. That

Glenn and others are engaging in a somewhat counterproductive
debate. The issue _is_ stating exactly what work will be
performed and at what price. No more, no less. His beef is
with Peter.

I had a discussion with Ned at the recent Bremerton event.
I introduced myself and we began discussing the mods to
his car. When I asked "what size turbocharger is that" and
pointed to the large one in his car, he got quiet. He then
said that it was a hybrid - a KKK unit with a larger
fresh air side. He didn't just want to tell me.

He really didn't know me from Adam and he was legitimately
concerned about protecting information and knowledge he
owns. After all, he makes a living doing it. Unfortunately,
the knowledge he has can be obtained|developed|etc. by many
here on this list.

The point of this is simple. There are vendors who provide
services here. There are people who buy them. There are
others who do it themselves.

>From my perspective as a person who could fall into all
three categories (I sell contract engineering services
for a living), I propose the following.

Why can't vendors simply state what they intend to do to
your vehicle? Kind of an itemized list, e.g. R&R ECU,
Remove chip, install socket, modify fuel map, burn new
chip, install new chip, etc. This way, they don't
have to divulge _WHAT_ they're putting in, just that
they are modifying the code (or not).

Think of it like surgery. You don't want to know the nitty-
gritty. I could care less what type of knot the surgeon uses.
I _do_ want to know that he's working on my arm|leg|etc. and
not removing my testicles.

Peter? Glenn? Eric? others? Can we agree on a principle here?

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