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RE: Do we really want or need a new club

Hi Jeff,
(clap clap clap)
Well put, my thoughts are the same as yours. I too have been in contact
with QCUSA about these same issues. I have tried to pass along
constructive criticism. It's easy to point out the problems with any item or
organization, but if you can also add a solution to the percieved problem,
those being critiqued are more willing to listen. If you don't like what's
going on, what are YOU willing to do to change things. I thought that the
newsletter could use some articles about something other than event
reports, so I started writing them. There have been many comments that
people aren't being served by this organization. What benefits do people
want or expect from a car club?

>In case you haven't gotten my drift from the above comments, I personally 
>NOT in favor of starting a new club at this time.  While I believe QCUSA 
>its share of problems, I think we should try to fix them before jumping 
>and starting another club.  Elections are coming up and with a bit of 
>on our part, there is no reason why we can't "stack" the Board in our 
>which will allow us to alter the club's direction as we see fit.  In view 
>the usual apathy members exhibit toward club elections (in other clubs, 
>seen less than 20% of the members even bother to cast a vote!), it 
>be too difficult for us Q-listers to put together our own list of 
>and get them voted them into office to do our bidding.  Remember the 
>Horse" and how well it worked way-back-when?

My thoughts exactly. Get organized, get some non-MN people in the inner
circle and change things. It is bound to take some time, maybe 1 to 2 years, 

but I think it can happpen. The club has considerable mass, some small 
energy, but large potential energy.  All it will take is the right people 
at the right spot to get it rolling.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com
Boulder CO