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Re: Do we really want or need a new

> I thought that the newsletter could use some articles about something
> other than event reports, so I started writing them.

Hear! Hear!  There's absolutely no reason the Quattro Quarterly can't become
an honest-to-god magazine a la the BMW CCA's Roundel or PCA's Panorama.  One
of the main reasons I continued to belong to the BMW CCA long after I dumped
my last BMW was to receive the Roundel each month.  In fact, I think the key
to their success is making sure they provide their membership with a quality
magazine each month ... that way, even those people who take part in no club
activities whatsoever (which, unfortunately, is the majority) still feel the
club has something of value to offer them, something that can be had nowhere
else.  (Of course, as the former editor/publisher of a small magazine, I may
be just a little bit biased when it comes to the power of the press...)

> There have been many comments that people aren't being served by this
> organization. What benefits do people want or expect from a car club?

I've kind of wondered about this myself ... what DO people expect from a car
club, anyway?  Since we will soon have an opportunity to steer things in our
direction (sometimes I'm an optimist!), we really should start to figure out
what that direction is and/or should be ... comments/ideas, anyone?
> My thoughts exactly. Get organized, get some non-MN people in the inner
> circle and change things. It is bound to take some time, maybe 1 to 2
> years, but I think it can happpen. The club has considerable mass, some
> small kinetic energy, but large potential energy.  All it will take is the
> right people pushing at the right spot to get it rolling.

I couldn't agree more and will be happy to help push.  When all the election
info is finally released, I may even be persuaded to toss my hat in the ring
and run for an office ... is anyone else interested?  We should use the time
to get ourselves organized and make sure that we take full advantage of this
welcome and long-overdue opportunity once it finally presents itself.  If we
don't and screw it up, then we'll have no one to blame but ourselves...  :^)

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