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information from Stan Sokol

The following is a letter from Stan Sokol

he mentions a few interesting points regarding the QCUSA
I am not sure if any one has read this so here it is.


/s/ C. Scott Thiss
To:     Northwest Region Audi Quattro Club Members
From:   Stan Sokol
Date:   January 30, 1996

Waiting for a reply to the enclosed copy of a letter I sent to Karen
Chadwick and the board members of the Audi Quattro Club USA has delayed
sending you this letter.  I know you have received a letter from Karen and
the board members canceling the P.I.R. event on March 1st and 2nd.  Their
reason for canceling (without telling you the whole story and quoting me out
of context) was to point a finger at me.

So be it.  I encourage you to study the enclosed letter I sent to the board
members.  What prompted the letter?  Let's review the facts.  Karen billed
our region $400.00 for her air far to Portland after promising that the
Quattro Club USA would pay all her expenses.  Likewise, Kent Anderson's
expenses were not to exceed $1000.00 , not the $1200.00 as we were billed.
As you can see in the letter, I specifically asked for an accounting for the
shipping of the helmets.  Why?  Because we were billed $400.00 and we have
copies of the freight bills in the total amount of $153.13.

In view of these facts, it would seem that we are at the same point we were
when the majority expressed their wishes for our regional club to separate
from the national club at our first meeting in September, 1995.  Many of you
voiced this again at the Portland event last November.

Finally, a reply was received on January 29th from Scott Thiss, the new          *
president of the national club.  Mr. Thiss was previously the treasurer.  In     *
a conversation I had with Mr. Thiss on January 13th, I asked him why, if the     *
Quattro Club USA is a non-profit organization, as stated in all issues of        *
the Quattro Quarterly (including the latest issue), they do not disclose a       *
financial statement to the members, so we can see how our membership dues        *
are being spent.  His answer was that the Quattro Club USA is not a              *
non-profit organization, but is filing for a tax-exempt status.  Does this       *
mean that they are making a profit on us?                                        *
________________________________________________________________________________ *

(Nick Van Houte Writes- If this has happened then most likey the QCUSA will file or allready filed as a Close Corporation
 If this occurs so much for any member appointed elections.) END.


Stan Sokol Continues:

Isn't it peculiar that at P.I.R. last November, the Northwest Region was a
recognized "affiliate" of the Quattro Club USA.  Please refer to pages six
and seven and pages sixteen and seventeen of the latest  issue of the
Quattro Quarterly.  [note-this letter was dated January 96 and refers to the
latest issue at that time]  Our region is recognized in print as the
Northwest Region.  Of what?  The Quattro Club USA - what else?  Amazing that
in Mr. Thiss's letter dated January 26th, our region is not a club
"affiliate" of the Quattro Club USA.  I never received any documentation
dated October 1995.  If I had, I would have responded A.S.A.P.  If it was so
important, one would think there would have been a follow-up.

Mr. Thiss's letter and everything about the Quattro Club reminds one of a
two week old barrel of fish.

How can we put any trust in what Karen and those she evidently speaks for
say?  When there is no trust, what is remaining?  Nothing.

To those who were looking forward to the event at P.I.R. in March, please
accept my deepest apology.  But let's examine this.  Before we had a
northwest region, Al Swackhammer and Alex Neckas spearheaded putting on
events at P.I.R.  Since thiw was to be a national event-what happened to
national?  Enough said.

There is another glaring issue, which is membership to national.  Some of
you have received one, to, or no issues of the Quarterly.  Some have had
their checks cashed and received nothing.  Most of you have expressed your
dissatisfaction about being billed for membership in January, regardless of
when you joined.  I heard you, and spoke to Karen about this time and time
again until she finally told me, Al, and Alex that arrangement had been made
to bill members on the date they actually joined.  She faxed me a statement
to this effect.  This has not been taken care of.  After yet another false
promise, I for one, refuse to renew my membership until the month I joined,
if at all.

Where I come from, sincere people of principle do not associate with those
who have no principle and can't be trusted.  If someone repeatedly gives
promises and does not honor their word-what are they worth?  To those of us
who live by a code of honor, the most despicable word in the English
language is liar.

At one time Great Britain had colonies so that they could extract the last
drop of blood from them and give little in return-history has a peculilar
way of repeating itself on many levels.

I want to thank Al Swackhammer, Alex Neckas, Fred Doepke, Jerry Mahoney,
Linus Toy, Brent Meservia, and all of you who have so clearly given you
support to me.  Your repeated encouragement to break free of national, and
the actions or lack of actions displayed by national leave no other course.

I have been in contact with other regions around the country and it is quite
remarkable that they echo our thoughts.  Unlike the national Audi Quattro
Club USA, your opinion is needed and wanted.  Enclosed is a questionnaire
for your yes or no answer to our region's association with national.  Please
give us your answer by letter or fax no later than February 10th.  It is of
the utmost importance that we have your reply as soon as possible.

Sincerely yours,
/s/ Stan Sokol


Does anyone know the out come of this saga?

Nick van Houte