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AUDIDUDI@delphi.com wrote:
> >  #1 Discounted Audi Parts
> We've already got this courtesy of Linda @ Carlsen Audi ... I'm not sure how
> much larger of a discount you can offer but her 25% is not to be sneezed at.
> >  #2 Hotel/Motel Discounts
> BFD ... IMHO, it's almost always less costly to deal with them directly than
> to ask for the "club" discount.
> >  #3 Airline discounts
> Ditto...
> >  #4 Tire company Dicounts or exclusive rebates
> When the BMW CCA did this a few years ago, the discount offered was so tiny,
> it proved cheaper for me to continue buying them through my normal sources.
> >  #5 National Chain Restarunt Discounts
> BFD...
> >  #6 I am working on more
> This will be the key ... as it stands, what you are proposing doesn't sound
> so much like a club but a buying cooperative.  Considering your background,

A buying cooperative as you state is only a part of SOME IDEAS that can 
go to save the members every penny they can. 

Like Ben Franklin Stated "A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned"
I have always believed in that philosphy.

However buying cooperatives is not a main focus.

> I guess this makes sense and so long as "membership" is free, I guess 
> there is no reason to complain.

  Ever try to buy a loaf of bread with an empty wallet?
  Miniaml Membership dues are a must for any club to surrvive 
  while dues have not yet been set it will probably be $30 & $45 USD

> That said, though, what's in it for you?  If you are willing to pay > for the extra phone line, etc., you must expect to cover  your costs > 
somehow, right?

Whats in it for me?

 Nothing more than any other member in this club would expect
I have my own business, money right now is not one of my concearns at 
all! if thats what you are getting at.

 As far as my costs are concearned As you may know I can right most of 
these costs off on my taxes.. until the club has reached it's 
independent stage it's going to have to be fed. 

Other features of the club will offer the following:

BI Monthly club mags. /with full disclorues of club spendings and 
account status..

monthly news letters

special events

International Club memberships so that are fellow Audi enthusiasts 
around the world can join.

and Club links with other Audi Clubs and events 

and much much more!

Other Primary focuses:

All Audi Owners can join not just owners of Quattros!

Home Page Coming soon

Nick Van Houte