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Audi Hydraulic Pump Leaks

   Fellow Audians,
   Unfortunately, as yet nobody has replied to my call for help re my engine 
   oil spray jet - too hard?
   An easier one:	What is the accepted wisdom concerning 
   reconditioning Audi central hydraulic pumps?  Mine leaks.  Is 
   reconditioning successful, or do I have to buy a new pump (ouch!)?
   I have heard mutterings about rebuilds being unsuccessful in the leakage 
   Even easier:  For the benefit of a new mailgroup member, could somebody 
   please provide a glossary of all the car model abbreviations I see used 
   here.  (We non-Yanks have different model designations).
   Max Blyton
   1985 Audi 100 CD 5-speed
   (2.3L 5 cyl 10v K-Jetronic)