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Re: Audi Hydraulic Pump Leaks


There are several recent communications on this issue, but, my experience on 
several pump "rebuilds" is that it is fairly simple, though messy.  This is well 
documented in the manual.  Audi does offer a seal kit, about $40US.  There are 
about 15 O rings and one shaft seal (that tends not to need changing.) Make sure 
you use all O rings.  My experience is that the critical leaker is usually the 
large O ring in the center of the reservoir behind the large aluminum threaded 
insert.  Removal of pump only takes about two knuckles.  Put the unit in a vice, 
carefully.  Takes a 7mm allen wrench, I believe. When done, make sure to fill 
the reservoir with hyd fluid before reinstalling the plumbing so there is oil in 
it on startup.  

Good luck!

On Mon, 03 Jun 1996, Max Blyton <Max.Blyton@airservices.gov.au> wrote:
>   Fellow Audians,
>   Unfortunately, as yet nobody has replied to my call for help re my engine 
>   oil spray jet - too hard?
>   An easier one:	What is the accepted wisdom concerning 
>   reconditioning Audi central hydraulic pumps?  Mine leaks.  Is 
>   reconditioning successful, or do I have to buy a new pump (ouch!)?
>   I have heard mutterings about rebuilds being unsuccessful in the leakage 
>   department.
>   Even easier:  For the benefit of a new mailgroup member, could somebody 
>   please provide a glossary of all the car model abbreviations I see used 
>   here.  (We non-Yanks have different model designations).
>   Thanx,
>   Max Blyton
>   1985 Audi 100 CD 5-speed
>   (2.3L 5 cyl 10v K-Jetronic)