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Re: Audi Registry update

On Mon, 10 Jun 1996, savidesn@audvid.win.net (Darin Nederhoff) wrote:
>Hi Q-listers,
>I've been doing some more work on the Registry, and I *think* I've
>got areas designated for every make and model of Audi.  
>For those of you not currently listed, you can join by sending me
>the following info about your car.
>Year: 		90
>Model:         V8 Auto
>VIN #:         Have to get
>Exterior color: Met White
>Interior Color: Platinum
>Mileage:        115500
>Performance mods: none, and none needed
>Your Name:      Roland Broberg
>City/State/ Country:  Delafield, Wisconsin
>Your EMAIL address:  rbroberg@post.its.mcw.edu

Previous Audis-86 5KCSTQ 107kmi, red, fast
               84 5KS    170kmi, blue, slow, but got me started
               91 100 Daughter driving still