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Re: Coolant Temp Gauge

Maybe that's why clumsy ole' me broke off one of the hook thingey on the
connector when I was doing the contact cleaner dance. Figgured the dealer
would look me square in the eye and tell me about the couple hundred dollar
harness I will need. That's before labor. Oy!

87 5000s. Just passed the 10 year old birthday with 90.5K miles with one
hook left on the temp sender connector. 9004/9007 eyes. With cock-eyed
Hella driving lights Unter the bumper.

Wonderin' if the JCWhitney front air-dam is decreasing flow of cooling air
to engine now that summer finally has shown it's face . . .

>If you are referring to the MFTS, my ex-86 had a spliced one that looked like
>a factory type part, the leads were all about 4inches long out of the plug,
>and were spliced into the existing harness.....  Could very well have been a
>hack to save time (bought the whole thing used %)

Ernest Wong