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Re: Coolant Temp Gauge

In a message dated 96-06-02 13:31:25 EDT, you write:

>FYI, I've never had a sensor go bad but I have had the connector itself fail
>on two occasions ... before you spend money on a new sensor, you might check
>this out first.  Also, to my knowledge, Audi does not sell a replacement for
>this (the local dealer told me I'd have to buy a complete harness instead!),
>so you may have to scrounge around a bit to find a good used one ... perhaps
>there is an aftermarket source for them?  

If you are referring to the MFTS, my ex-86 had a spliced one that looked like
a factory type part, the leads were all about 4inches long out of the plug,
and were spliced into the existing harness.....  Could very well have been a
hack to save time (bought the whole thing used %)