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Re: A4 20V

Eliot Lim wrote:

> can you confirm or deny that the turbo installation in the 1.8T
> has an intercooler?

Well, yes there is an intercooler. It is not mentioned in the factory
catalogue, nor any of the local 1.8T brochures. It is, however, there. It is
tucked away on the passengers side (I suppose drivers for you) at the front.
It is talked about in an issue of "The Audi Magazine". Here are some
comparisons from the factory catalogue - 

                   1.8                   1.8T                  2.8
Power          92(125)/5800          110(150)/5700         128(174)/3000
Torque          173/3950             210/1750-4600           250/3000
0-100km/h         10.8                  8.4                   8.2

Torque in newton metres, power in kilowatts(horsepower). 100km/h is about
62mph (not 60 as Audi of America insist). Torque is pretty flat for the 1.8T,
holding 210nm from 1750-4600rpm. And it certainly feels that way when driving. 


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