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Re: Re[2]: A4 20V

tcandey@usr.com wrote:
>  It is talked about in an issue of "The Audi Magazine".
>   What is this......................^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^?

It is a big thick glossy magazine published in Britain and Australia. It is like similiar
BMW and Mercedes magazines. It has articles about driving through the Dordogne in France
in a 80 Cabrio, driving to St. Tropez in an RS2 Avant (blue of course), cruising the
Barossa Valley in an A6. All those sought of travelling type stories.

It also contains articles on such things as the development of the RS2, A4 and A8 as well
as info on new, current and past models and Audi technical people.

Several issues bound together would make an excellent coffee table volume.

They (Audi importers TKM in Australia) send it to me because I was nice to them and bought
one of their horseless carriages!


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