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Re: tqc or s2?

Doug Rudoff wrote:
> >strikes me that the tqc would be a great "investment car"- there can be
> >few like this left anywhere in the world.
> An Audi as an investment? Do any Audis out there go up in value? I don't
> know of any, even the rare ones.

The original post was from Dave Eaton in New Zealand. Any car in NZ is an investment ;-)

Seriously the price/market for cars in Australia and NZ is a world apart from the US.
By way of example, you pay $US30000 for a V6 2.8 Q A4 and we pay $US36000 for a 1.8lt
FWD A4 (no leather, no sunroof). And in NZ probably even more.

A turbo Quattro coupe in NZ or Australia would probably always find a willing buyer and
could even be considered sort of an investment (maybe).


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