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Re: tqc or s2?

>Doug Rudoff wrote:
>> >strikes me that the tqc would be a great "investment car"- there can be
>> >few like this left anywhere in the world.
>> An Audi as an investment? Do any Audis out there go up in value? I don't
>> know of any, even the rare ones.

the only real collectable is the sport quattro.  there were none sold in nz.  prices for these
are about the $usd 50-70k level.  they dropped sharply at the end of the 80's but seemed
to have firmed recently.

in my opinion the 20valve turbo quattro coupe is the only other car which may be collectable.
i don't think the rs2 will be.

mint late 90 20 valve tqc in the uk are going for upwards of 19k pounds which landed in nz is
about nzd 70k. (tax, duty, freight, shipping, insurance).

there are only 3 known 20 valve turbo's in nz.  they sold new for about $nzd 130k.  i looked
at a 35km example 2 years ago, prior to buying the s2.  the sticker price was $95k, firm at $90k.
3 owners.

this present example with slightly more km's is $60k.  so they haven't held their value yet.

>The original post was from Dave Eaton in New Zealand. Any car in NZ is an investment ;-)

i'm not sure that anyone would quality a ozzie car over here as an investment... ;-)

>Seriously the price/market for cars in Australia and NZ is a world apart from the US.
>By way of example, you pay $US30000 for a V6 2.8 Q A4 and we pay $US36000 for a 1.8lt
>FWD A4 (no leather, no sunroof). And in NZ probably even more.

in nz, you pay $89k for the a4 2.8q, which translates to about USD55k.  so, probably about
the same as in oz.  but the great think about cars over here (as opposed to ozzie) is that
we get the full euro-spec models.  for instance, the tqc was never sold in ozzie, and the
s2 is muzzled over there by your adr regulations.  we've had the a84.2q for a year, the
rs2 was sold new here (12 sold off the boat) etc. etc.  the dealers over here are also
trying to flog the mtm-badged a4 1.8tq's with stage iii kits (286hp), and will even sell the
stage iv kit (320hp) to order.

>A turbo Quattro coupe in NZ or Australia would probably always find a willing buyer and
>could even be considered sort of an investment (maybe).

to rephrase the question:

would the people in the list purchase a 2nd hand mint 1 owner 20v tqc, or spend double on 
an rs4?