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Re: Auto hierarchy

In a message dated 96-06-03 15:29:09 EDT, you write:

>avoid getting "stuck" behind Mercedes sedans; and I will do everything
>to avoid getting stuck behind a driver wearing a hat in a Mercedes.  Equate
>to a large Buick in Florida or Arizona in January, with only the hands
>on the steering wheel.
>I've been passed, more than once, by the proverbial "Big Black Mercedes"
>also by psychos doing 160+ mph on motorcycles.  No contest here, my brain is
>that small and my ego is not that big.

Thank goodness the serious ones usually get the REAL AMG stuff.....   Or the
500E.....  Will agree that lots of them seeeedans (sea'- dan -S) do the
goofy:  make sure to put the golf in it's place then back to resting position
at the speed they were doing b4....   Kind of a silly ego trip.....
  Interesting culture, those Germans......   When pressed tho, even 
der hatputz won't get in over his head becuz of the CAR.....  I did like the
numeric only talk when refering to the audis tho, it's "oh you rented an 80?"
too bad.....   "no 200's to be had?"  Never once was Audi mentioned by
name....   Like that.....