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Halt Techies

In a message dated 96-06-03 12:38:58 EDT, you write:

>......  Hmmmm, seems mr. Scott Davis might disagree with that on his beasty
>20vturbo TQC.....  He won the fastest 30-70 time with that "bad setup"
>Haltech.....  How's about 5 seconds flat (or less?!!).  That price tho, is
>about 1/2 what I got when shopping not too long ago

The statement was "Kinda Leaves Us SOL" not that it would'nt work...... 
It would but It would be a PITA to fit and initally dial in.  Looked into 
it already >>

Darn that buzzer....   Hey Bart pull the plug.....    hmmmmm.....  Might want
to dig some.....   The statement "K L U SOL" is definitely buzzable......   A
discource with Mr. Davis might really be looking into it.....   Plenty of
your race buddies can help ya too, Eric....