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Re: Life in the fast lane.....

>Pre 1966 are still Mercedes BTW, tho Daimlers signature was on the car.....
>  But not the outside.....  300SL a Daimler? Not one printed reference to
>that......   1956 220S convertible a Benz or a Daimler?.....  Heretical, my
>old friend....   I assure you that my history lesson in Germany with one
>would know might keep your buzzer wet.....  

All MB Limo's up to 1966 are refered to as Daimler Benz's..... MB Does 
use the designation Benz....  As-In "Baby Benz" the 190......  Have a 
problem with it take it up with MB and their historical archives.....  
After spending 6 months of my life with these folks several years ago to 
shoot the MB 100 year documentary that is showing at the MB museum, I 
would tend to belive these people before anyone else.


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO