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Life in the fast lane.....

In a message dated 96-06-03 12:38:53 EDT, my esteemed racing colleague rites:

<< I'd back off there a bit big guy, cause your wrong on this one.... the 
Benz folks refer to their car's as Benz's, Merc's, Mercedes and Mercedes 
Benz's.  Been there talked with all the higher up's shot that >>

Unk Bartfater might propose a median strip be built for the "left lane
covetors" that refuse to reliquish pole position, even as the tire goes
flat.......   The buzzer is still wet...   Hmmmmmm.....   A Benz is a Truck,
and that is just about univoysel, even stateside......   If Unk Bart were to
jump on a plane and land in Stuttgart and ask to go to the nearest Benz
dealer, the last thing you would see there would be a car.......  No
question.....   I suppose you could really faux pas and ask for the "Merc"
dealer, but you might even get kicked out of the 240D Taxi for that one.....
  (that redneck "please pass the jelly" commercial comes to mind here)

Pre 1966 are still Mercedes BTW, tho Daimlers signature was on the car.....
  But not the outside.....  300SL a Daimler? Not one printed reference to
that......   1956 220S convertible a Benz or a Daimler?.....  Heretical, my
old friend....   I assure you that my history lesson in Germany with one that
would know might keep your buzzer wet.....   

 Having a laugh at ones own self and ones pontifications can be a great cast
for the cracked helmet......  We should all take time out to do it, the great
Unk Bartfater should have helped, I've been smiling since 7:30 coffee.....
 It made my Dad's day too, BTW unk Bart....   Thanks

"blinkers on" - Peter Wales quote