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Re: Kart racing...

>OK, if nobody tells my wife, Im starting a new venture next year. I want 
>to get involved in Kart racing...but I dont know a lot about it yet (as 
>far as costs, events(series??), types of Karts etc).
>Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Yo Bob!  What's it woth to you?  Remember I've got your home #........  
Do a Yahoo search on Karts.... something like 1100+ hits.......  

Several years ago I tested the first Margay shift kart with a 
125cc/6speed....  can you say FAST.... I came in after setting several 
new lap records in a kart at my home track and wedged my self out of the 
seat and walked away from the kart, the owner of Margay came running up 
to me and asked if the kart would go any faster or had I found the 
limit... I told him "Yup, it'll go faster but not with me in it!" Never 
got in a racing kart again.......  New will set you back about $6500 used 
$2500 for the shift karts and $800 up for the sprints.


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO