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Re: Stalling on the Highway

> On Jun 6, 12:08pm, Mike Hopton wrote:
> > Subject: Stalling on the Highway
> >      As it turns out the idle
> >      adjustment screw at the opening to the intake manifold had popped out.
> 		Yup, BTDT -- in my case, I drove about 1,000 miles with
> 		duct-tape on the opening.  Apparently the rubber gasket
> 		on the screw hardens and it slowly backs itself out.
BTDT2 ... almost.  I found that the screw was backing itself out before it
totally popped out.  I was amazed that Audi won't sell you the seal, only 
the screw w/seal.  I added a bit of stiction by putting a little bit of 
anti-seize compound on the threads ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)