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Re: Re[2]: Cam swap for '84 4KQ

>      Swapping in a stock cam from the MC motor may not be a bad idea.....
> >akowalsk@shrike.depaul.edu wrote:
> >
> >>My '84 4KQ has the 115hp engine (as anyone who is responding to this 
> >>message knows).  I would like to investigate the possiblity of swapping 
> >>the camshaft from a later model 5-cyl into this engine to boost the power 
> >>to the 130 hp. level.  The car has hydraulic lifters (based on the normal 
> >>slight click/then silence routine).

Are you speaking from experience Todd?  I would be surprised to hear that
the cam from a turbo motor would work well on an NA one ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)