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Re: twin turbos?

Next time any of you go to a major boat show, or go by a marine engine
supplier, check out the Volvo supercharged/turbocharged diesels.  I don't
recall all the details, but they have it set up sequentially, to get low end
torque as well as high end power.  If I remember correctly, they run SC only
down low, have a transition where both SC and Turbo run together, then close
off the SC after a certain point.  Granted, this is much easier with a diesel.

At 12:58 AM 6/6/96 -0500, Jeremy R King wrote:
>On Wed, 5 Jun 1996, Graydon D. Stuckey wrote:
>> On Wed, 5 Jun 1996 ptimmerm@mashtun.JPL.NASA.GOV wrote:
>> > Turbo Scott said wrt twn turbos....
>> >   [snip]
>> > If I read him right, he is implying that the addition of a
>> > supercharger to the existing turbo system would be a better
>> > idea.  With other massive turbo apps like tractor pull rigs
>> > or hydroplanes, they run sequential with cooling at each
>> > stage.  So you compress, cool, compress again, cool again,
>> > then run it into the motor.  How about a g60 front ending
>   [more snipped]
>I agree with your statements about the sequential setup.  I'm curious
>about how you would run a parallel system.  Would you have the
>supercharger feed the motor and all the exhaust go to the turbine to spool
>it up with the compressor dumping to the atmosphere.  Then switch to the
>compressor feeding the motor with the same exhaust setup (except that the
>compressor now feeds to the motor)?  I say "motor" in the southern sense
>that it actually means "engine".  It wouldn't make sense to run the super
>and dump the exhaust to the atmosphere (via muffler) and then switch over
>to a turbo system.  Then there would still be spool-up time.  Seems to me
>all the control would be in the intake manifold.  Maybe a plenum with two
>inlets (one from supercharger, other from turbo compressor) that were each
>valved.  And maybe a clutch system on the supercharger to limit drag at
>high rpms.
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