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Pesky idle screw

Well, after the recent discussion on these unscrewing themselves and going
off on adventures all on their own, I decided I'd better check mine since
my idle seemed to be creeping up again.  Sure enough, there was virtually
no resistance to turning it.  I pulled it out and admired the squashed flat
seal which now had the consistancy of hard plastic...  I assume it was
o-ring shaped originally.  So, off to the local auto parts store to get
some o-rings.  I found something close enough, broke the old one off, put
a new one on, put the screw back in - now it should stay put.

I also replaced my coolant tank today.  Mine had cracked on the side and
was leaking very slowly and I was getting a coolant level warning.  With
the price of coolant these days, even $30 for a new tank didn't seem
too bad.

So, if you are losing coolant, check the tank very carefully!