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The "little" Audi Gathering Summary (Rochester, MN)

Well, what can I say?   It was a small group, but it was a GREAT
day in SE Minnesota (there's a shocker!)  

We (Ed Kellock, Eric Lindgren, and myself) met up at the SMILING
MOOSE BAR & GRILLE (I've often wondered why the moose is
smiling... perhaps Ed gave him a ride in his 5kCSTQ-IAstage1 pearly
Q. ;)  More on that in a minute....

We talked Quatts over a good lunch (even though Ed missed the
opportunity to get a decent burger... right Ed?  ;)  hehehe  

After lunch we went out to the parking lot to closely examine the
three different breeds of Q's (Ed's 87 5kCSTQ, a 1990 V8Q, and the
93 S4).   After the intense look-over, we each spent a few minutes
wiping all the drool off of each other's cars (hehe) and proceeded
to hop into Eric's V8Q.  (Nice & smooth... oh yeah, the Edster got
to drive it, so he can insert his impressions here...)  ;)   Then,
it was back to the Moose to get the S4...  hopped in and proceeded
to the local Audi dealer to scam all the latest sales literature... 
(aka, visiting the Audi shrine).  ;)  After that, it was 'fast
Eddie's turn to experience the S4 (needless to say, I think he
wouldn't mind owning one).  ;)

Again we returned to the Moose to get Ed's 5kCSTQ to take IT for a
spin....  I must admit, Ed's car left me with a 'Fliptop' (tm)
head (aka: smiling ear to ear)!  ;)  For those of you with the same
car as Ed, but with no mods, let me be the first (or 18th) to
suggest you call Ned at IA....  holy shinola that thing will
move!  I was sitting shotgun watching the RPM's push past 6
grand... screaming down HWY 52 like a banshee!  ;)  Good thing the
Fuzz (aka: Lint for the Bob Myers types) weren't around.  ;)  Ed's
car pulls almost if not as hard as the S4!  Oh man, I really gotta
save the pennies to get a Ned tweak in the S4!  ;)

After the driving sessions were complete, we return to da Moose to
talk even more about our cars.  Ed showed us the info stating that
his car came from PRAY AUDI in CT originally.... and get this, the
sales manager's first name was NOAH!  Ummmm... I wonder if the car
had Aquatreads on it before Ed got it!  ;)  hahaha!  Man, talk
about truth in advertising... Pray Audi... man, that cracks me up! 

Anyway, it seems that Ed will be getting a nice sunroof shield
(for free nonetheless) outta the trip.  Eric happened to have a
spare sunroof deflector from his 5000 (which is RIP) that now has
Ed's name on it.  :)  I have a slightly sunburned right side of my
face (darn sunroof) and a couple nice photos for Net publication. 

We ended the day with an Audi 'train' leading out of Rochester on
HWY 52.  Three Q's doin' 80mph plus (hit the century mark Ed?? 
;)  in a nice Autobahn reenactment.  ;)  hehehe

Thanks to Ed and Eric for going along with the idea!  I look
forward to the next time... which coincidentally will be held in
WATERLOO, Iowa sometime in the future.




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