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Driving School / Some hot laps???

	Dave Head:  Congratulations!  You are still with us.  Stuff like 
that really makes you analyze how you spend your time here doesn't it?  I 
mean, the passenger in the Lincoln...very sad.

	The track where Alan and the One lap is going to be today is wet, 
wet, wet this a.m.  Hope is holds.

	Putnam Park is a great track.  It sits about 30-40 min West of 
Indianapolis In.  And it got me thinking:  What if we organized a track 
day there?  I know Eric has raced there and shares my opinion of the 
track [my day there was my first time with a Ducati between the old 

	Thought we could get a couple instructors: Eric? Scott? To teach 
some real driving tips, maybe even have Dave come up and teach his median 
moves.  The school I would like to put on would do the following:

	1.  Really get into the handling of our Audi's

	2.  Be very intensive on the driving stuff--rather than simply 
pushing people out on the track and letting them whack walls.

	3.  Be somewhat limited in size, ie., 25 cars or less.

	Any ideas? Comments? Interest?????