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Re: Driving School / Some hot laps???

>	Putnam Park is a great track.  It sits about 30-40 min West of 
>Indianapolis In.  And it got me thinking:  What if we organized a track 
>day there?  I know Eric has raced there and shares my opinion of the 
>track [my day there was my first time with a Ducati between the old 

It's a pretty cool little track.  Lot's of Indycar teams (Yeah right Tony 
George... Sue me) test there.

>	Thought we could get a couple instructors: Eric? Scott? To teach 
>some real driving tips, maybe even have Dave come up and teach his median 
>moves.  The school I would like to put on would do the following:
>	1.  Really get into the handling of our Audi's
>	2.  Be very intensive on the driving stuff--rather than simply 
>pushing people out on the track and letting them whack walls.
>	3.  Be somewhat limited in size, ie., 25 cars or less.
>	Any ideas? Comments? Interest?????

I "just" happen to be writing a Advanced driving hand book and a teaching 
outline for events just like this.  I think that this is a a great idea 
and you can definitly count on my help.

There is NO need to ever have a car be wadded into a ball at the track 
like what just happened up at the QCUSA event... With a "instructor" no 
less.  With a event like this under your belt you would have a better 
base of knowledge than 95% of the QCUSA instructors.


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO