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Red-faced Resolution

Buon Giorno,

As we say in the italian language, "mille grazie a tutti" (a thousand thanks
to everyone) who assisted me in my hour of need.  Thankfully, I'm now back
in my wife's good graces while managing to salvage some dignity and save a few
bucks at the same time let alone keep from loosing my head.

I'm afraid I didn't heed the ol' adage, "When you hear the sound of hooves,
think of horses not zebras".  I assumed that the battery was not the likely
culprit because my SEARS DieHard was not even 20 months old.  WRONG!!!
I should have remembered the post from sometime ago about the fact that
Johnson Controls no longer OEMs batteries for SEARS (who does now? Exide?
Interstate?).  I even made a comment to the SEARS guy regarding this and
all he could reply with was "No Comment".

I must say that Steve Buchholz wins the Kewpie doll.  His response was not
only the correct diagnosis but quite informative regarding the use of channel
11 in the A/C head to monitor the system voltage.  Because the blower motor
and the A/C head share the same ground, the voltage readings that you get
are quite erroneous.  Thanks, Steve for setting me straight.

Anyways, I can now breathe a sigh of relief, although it does leave me quite
chagrined that my wife who knows next to nothing about things automotive
cut right to the quick and wanted to know right from the beginning, "WHY


Thanks again to all who empathized.


Joe Garibaldi