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Need a brake MC for 5000S

Hello again,

The wife has issued ANOTHER ultimatum!  Our other Audi (1986 5KS),
not HERS thankfully, apparently has a bad brake master cylinder
which causes the front discs to begin dragging quite a bit after
a few minutes of driving (or should I say braking).

Anyway, I finally resigned myself to fixing this problem but when
I called the dealer (Carlsen, no less), I just about had a coronary
when I was quoted the price of $270.  Even with our discount, this
is quite a bit more than I expected it would cost.  Can you all help
me find this beastie at a more reasonable price?  Bruce Kaye (from
up around Vancouver Island, Canada) whom I just spoke to on the phone
told me that he got his at BOW WOW (sp?) Auto Parts.  Unfortunately,
we don't have that chain here in the SF Bay Area, at least, not to my

Please, help me out and point me in the right direction.  I can't
tell you what this list is doing for my marital tranquility.
Thanks again for all your help.

Joe Garibaldi