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That'll teach me! I just passed up the most excellent opportunity to swap 
out the water pump in my Audi 4k. Yeah, I replaced the timing belt, the 
accessory belts, the thermostat and the upper rad hose. And just before I 
put that new timing belt in, I'm sitting there thinking about how this is 
just the perfect time to be replacing that water pump (that hasn't been 
giving me any trouble) and sticking in a new one. But, I thinks to 
myself, "why change what ain't broken?" 

So I left it in.

And today finds me in the garage with the timing light. Running like a 
dream (except for those damn noisy lifters!) until I yank on the 
accelerator cable to check the advance and I hear a most awful wheezing 
sound at a certain RPM. Sounds like the bearings are going in the, 
the,...water pump!!!!!!!

I figure now that the timing belt is new and tensioned properly the water 
pump is facing just a little extra strain that it could cover up well 
with a loose belt. Figures. 

Guess I'll be replacing the coolant and taking everything apart again 
next weekend!

Mark Eissler          | Still working on
tequila@interlog.com  | a better sig.