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Hi Pierre. I bought the 3M plastic from a 'Bumper-to-Bumper' (one
size fits all kit). I've also seen it in Canadian Tire stores.

I'm not sure about a 92, but I can get Lexan covers for my 93. Dealer
here in Calgary carries an aftermarket cover for the S4. Doesn't fit
the A6/S6 which has a similar, but different enough, lamp. Available
for 100, as well. $35 Cdn.

Perci Hala
93 Aud! S4

PS.Covers are a good investment. Be sitting down before getting a
price on the headlamp assembly!!

You wrote:

From: vilr@jupiter.sun.csd.unb.ca (Pierre Villiard)
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 18:09:42 -0300
Subject: '92 S4 headlight protection

Hi Audians,

        Apparently it's not possible to find in Fredericton, New
the thick 3M stuff for lights recently mentioned by Peter Henriksen.
        Someone here suggested two pieces of Lexan sheet (1/16in,
800=B0F resistant), cut and bent to size and shape, and held right on
glass with velcro. Though it could possibly do the job, I'm not sure
looks of it would be great.
        So I would like to know if the following is a good idea. What
the upper part of the Lexan piece was bent and velcroed on the
casing, i.e. under the hood, and the lower part inserted just in
front of
the rubber strip around the bottom of the headlight? That way, no
would show. Any input on this?
        By the way, thanks to Michael Spiers, Andrew Duane, Bill
Free, Alan
Stork & David Toppin, re calipers.

Pierre & Lauraine
'92 S4 & '89 100