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Re: Normal boost/vacuum readings

John Mallick wrote:
> Thanks Eric.  Linus Toy mentioned that his 200q20v only drops to 0.4
> bar on the vacuum side also, but he does see 1.8 bar boost on the
> guage.  My car doesn't have that "kick in the pants" feel I think it
> should have, so I am going to start looking around for leaks.  Maybe I
> will try Ned Ritchie's suggestion of pressurizing the intake system,
> using a PVC pipe cap with a Schraeder fitting inserted into the
> appropriate hose.
> Thanks again,
> John M.
> '91 200tq20v
> '84 4000sq
Check your turbo hase, the main one by the intercooler
it has 3 rings around it that are black and I believe
rubberized, This made my dad' 200 SLOOOOOW down quite a bit.
Richard Andrews (jr)

'83 5KT (sold)
'84 5KS (almost fixed)
'84 CGT (dad sold)
'85 5KS (mom's)
'86 5KS (mom's till I wrecked it)
'88 90 (older brother's)
'90 200T (dad's)