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Re: [ ? Liter Engine ]

At 01:08 PM 6/26/96 PST, you wrote:
>Hi Rich, 
>Thanx for your reply!  You seem knowledgeable on racing.  I am most
>definetly not.  I was just arguing with a friend of mine who is a BMW
>enthusiast.  What it came down to was if the German sold AUDI 12cyl.
>raced the BMW 6cyl. 6.6L engine, BMW would win.  So my friend says.  I
>just don't know becuase I don't know the Liter size of the AUDI 12. 
>What do you think?
I have absolutely no idea which car would win in a race there are a 
LOT of factors, wind, rain, gear ratios, torque, HP, etc. the liters
tell you nothing when it comes to racing!!  hell, my 2.2 i-5 beat
a Camaro RS+ off the line, and he never caught up till the red light!
I also kept right up with a 95 Z28 camaro (auto on the camaro) the only 
thing that saved me was i have a stick. I have beat several mustangs in 
this car also, keep in mind this is a 10valve non-turbo with 190,000miles
I beat one 5.0, never raced any others, and a Toyota Tercal,
I also kept a dead lock with my friend's RX-7. Street Racing: illegal
Hell, illegal just makes it more fun, hope this helps you somewhat.
Rich Andrews

'83 5000ST (sold)
'84 Coups GT (dad's (sold))
'84 5000S (mew head and radiator this week; drilled air box, we'll see what
it does)
'85 5000S (mom's)
'86 5000S (was mom's before I wrecked it)
'88 90 (brother's)
'90 200 Turbo (dad's)