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Re: Continuing saga of Ur-Q with no spark

> On Jun 20, 11:07am, Robert Houk - SMCC Bos Desktop Hardware wrote:
> > Subject: Re: Continuing saga of Ur-Q with no spark
> >
> > Any one of half-a-dozen signals gone AWOL within the wiring harness will
> > cause the ECU to say no. See if the ECU is pulsing the ignition module
> > (pins 2 and 17 on the connector go to the ig module, one is I think
> > +12 (?) and the other is the trigger signal to fire the spark.
> >
>  .....
> 	Does the Ur-Q have something similar to my '85 5KT for diagnostics?
> 	A handful of problems (mostly ignition/sensor related) can be
> 	located on mine using the tach and the check-engine light. Some
> 	of the faults can be located even if the engine won't start
> 	at all (you're normally required to drive the car at 1.2+ bar
> 	and 3000+ rpm to store the codes).
> 	I know there's no Bentley for these beasts, so if there might
> 	be such a feature, I'd be happy to fax the appropriate pages
> 	from mine.
> 	-Arun
> --
> Arun Rao

... sadly the answer is no, the QTC doesn't have the flashing light ...
perhaps one of the good features brought about by OBD ...

There is a troubleshooting procedure in the Maintenance & Adjustments 
book, which I'd be willing to fax/mail to someone in need, but it turns
out that most of the vital info WRT the troubleshooting has already been 
described in the list responses ... without the pictures of course ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)