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Re: Continuing saga of Ur-Q with no spark

   > > Any one of half-a-dozen signals gone AWOL within the wiring harness will
   > > cause the ECU to say no. See if the ECU is pulsing the ignition module

   > 	Does the Ur-Q have something similar to my '85 5KT for diagnostics?
   > 	A handful of problems (mostly ignition/sensor related) can be

   ... sadly the answer is no, the QTC doesn't have the flashing light ...
   perhaps one of the good features brought about by OBD ...

The only "diag" I know of is the hit the WOT switch with the idle switch
and the ECU will force the Frequency Valve to 50.0% duty cycle. Good test
of general system integrity, but not much good for actual trouble shooting.

Of course ya gotta realize the ECU only has a 4KB ROM and 128 bytes of
RAM (note the distinct and explicit lack of any "K", "Kilo", "M" or
"Mega" prefixes in front of that "bytes of RAM" phrase), and most pro-
grammers today couldn't even fit an initialization routine into that,
let alone an entire functioning application.