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Re: Continuing Saga No Spark

> This a.m. I checked all fuses and went through relays. This has led to one 
> curiousity. Perhaps I've swapped relays in some stuperous haste to check things 
> out so many months ago. So, I'm carefully checking position and fundction of 
> each. Now the question. What is the SVA relay in position No. 3. and.... What 
> does the relay for IGEL, K-Jetronic, Deisel pre-glow do?

Where are you getting these designations from?  I doubt the Diesel pre-glow 
relay does anything in an urQ.  If you have any doubts about whether or not 
the relays are installed correctly, you may need to find someone else with a 
QTC and do an A-B comparison ... most of the relays have specific connector
footprints, so you probably don't have a problem ...
> Ignition switch problem not an issue since I've been using a remote started 
> switch. I just turn on the key and then go to the engine compartment to fire up 
> the starter. Oh my! Does the load relief relay have a critical function related 
> to high amp loads when starter engage? Is that what I've been doing. Can anyone 
> respond to this?
... simply using the remote starter may not eliminate the ignition switch 
from consideration.  What can happen is that the switches that supply the 
+12 when the ignition is on can develop poor contact, leading to a reduction 
in voltage to these sources independent of the starter solenoid load.  (your 
use of the remote starter switch probably helps though IMHO).  If the rotat-
ing the distributor trick didn't work, you're probably into digging around 
the electrical system with a voltmeter ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

... hoping my car isn't hearing about all these sick urQ's out there right now!