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Re: Continuing Saga No Spark


I came across a problem very like this recently over here in good ol' Ireland.
After a lot of head scratching, shouting, screaming, foaming at the mout etc.,
I eventually traced the fault to the cranksahft pulley. The slot (keyway) in
the pully had worn allowing the pulley to move about half inch or so. This
made an enormous difference in the engine timing. It was tracked down to
this after I found that by pushing the car backwards (in gear, engine off)
just a foot or two and then setting the timing - '0' in flywheel window,
piston no.1 at TDC and mark on cam pulley lined up the motor ran fine - in
the yard. But out on the road, once you used the power, the pulley moved and
screwed up the timing again.
When I first tackled the problem, I went for an electrical fault as I was
getting no spark at the plug - something of a red herring!

This could be your problem.

P.S. About the relay marked 'Diesel Glow Plug, K-Jetronic, etc'. I depends
on which car the fuse cover is in. In your case (ur-quattro) It's for the
K-Jetronic...specifically the Fuel pump relay!

Best of luck,
George Harrison,
Co. Kildare,

'85 ur-quattro
'86 80 Sport