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Re: Engine Squeal

>Has anyone ever had a problem with a strange sounding intermittent squeal
>sound coming from the back of the engine, it isn't from any belts or pumps
>etc up front.  The car runs fine and the sound doesn't disappear when in
>gear or out, or change depending on RPMS etc,or when turn the wheel, always
>the same sound, it just comes and goes.


My ur-quattro suffers from the same problem.  It's caused by a leaking rear
crankshaft oil-seal. No oil gets out but air gets drawn in causing the squeal.
As the seal gets progressivly worse you might find that the tone of the
squeal changes by revving the engine. The one sure way to check if it IS the
seal thats faulty (I've been told it's a common problem with the 5 cylinder)
is to open the oil filler cap when the motor is idling. If the engine does
not stall this confirms the problem. New seal ..... about 7 Irish pounds
(approx 11 dollars).
Simple job to fit - problem is tranny has to come out to get at it.
I'm awaiting delivery of one at the moment so I'll be doing the job soon.
I believe it's a wise move to replace the clutch disc, bearing and plate
while I'm at it.

You can do a temporary fix by rerouting the breather hose from the cam
cover, venting it out to atmosphere with a length of tube. Don't forget to
plug the existing tube. Don't know if the US authorities would take too
kindly to the emmissions though.

Hope this helps,

George Harrison,
Co. Kildare,

'85 ur-quattro
'86 80 Sport