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Re: A couple of minor A4Q things...

At 06:58 PM 6/29/96 EDT, you wrote:
>On Jun 29, 12:22pm, Ti Kan wrote:
>> Subject: Re: A couple of minor A4Q things...
>> kawo@www.internetizen.com writes:
>> > I am planning to buy an A4Q this morning.
>> > After I read all the problems...
>> > Now I am kind of holding back.
>> Don't let the reports discourage you.  On any discussion list
>> bound to hear about problem quibbles while the good times spent
>> by most enjoying the car goes unreported...
>> The A4Q is a wonderful car.
>Since I started this thread, I want to chime in and second Ti's
>opinion.  You're only reading about minor problems here; you
>aren't reading about the positives, because words couldn't
>possibly transcribe the grin that I get when I drive my
>A4Q.  As Ti says, any car that you buy is bound to have a few
>minor things to complain about, especially early on.  These
>things notwithstanding, the A4Q is a great car, and I'm
>extremely happy with my decision to buy one!
>Dan Masi


I am in complete agreement with Dan and Ti.  I am very happy
with my choice!  The A4Q is a great car and I do believe my
dealer will fix these minor annoyances.

A friend owns a comparably-priced 96 318is.  Apples and oranges.
The driver door and truck rattle after 9K miles, mediocre interior
fit and finish, average wet weather handling (with the "limited-slip").
Oh yea, and he got stuck in the snow a couple of times, last winter,
with snow tires.

>I'm extremely happy with my decision to buy one!