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Re: A couple of minor A4Q things...

>Date: Fri, 28 Jun 1996 11:58:48
>To: dan_masi@MENTORG.COM (Dan Masi)
>From: George Economou <economou@tiac.net>
>Subject: Re: A couple of minor A4Q things...
>I've had an A4Q since early February.  My girlfriend bought hers in December.
>Our voltmeters and radio volume knobs exhibit similar characteristics.
>I've spoken to the service department about this and other things (see below),
>and they believe that the voltmeter and radio are OK.
>I have also noticed the following with my car, which is most annoying :-)
>Clutch squeaks and sticks when released in first and second.  This only happens
>when outside or cabin temperature is above 80/85 degrees.
>Rear left door rattles over medium to large road bumps.  It's worse in my
>girlfriend's car.
>When the air conditioning cycles, a loud chattering sound can be heard
>from the lower, left-side dash.  Sounds like a chattering relay.  Happens
>infrequently, but only above 80/85 degrees.
>All these problems started happening about 1 month ago.  I'm hoping that
>some of this stuff can get fixed soon.  Not very impressed, although dealer
>is very helpful.
>Good luck.