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RE: A couple of minor A4Q things...


As Ti Kan wrote, don't back off of the car, IMHO, because of these little 
gripes.  I don't think that they are "first year defects", just little things 
that new owners notice.  But, I also don't have some of the annoyances that 
other drivers are expperiencing.  My suggestion is to make sure your dealer is 
helpful ennough to take the time and fix a problem.  Will you get a loaner?  
Are they available at night? etc.

The 328is may be a great car...but it's over 40K out the door, doesn't have 
fgour wheel drive, is overpriced for the name, is smaller across the interior, 
I felt, and, I have heard and seen, has poor interior quality and fit.  My 
ex-girlfriend drove one, and the glove compartment never fit in.  It would 
keep falling open (the door) or out (the whole box!)  Dealer said, sorry not 
much we can do, it's a factory problem.  

If the dealer is bugging you, look to another one, but the car is a great one, 
i feel.

Jon Linkov
Blue A4Q

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I am planning to buy an A4Q this morning.
After I read all the problems...
Now I am kind of holding back.
The dealers keep pushing me to make a deal.
Is A4Q is a good car as all the magazine say???
Paying 30K for a new car, still have problems...


On Fri, 28 Jun 1996, George Economou wrote:

> >Date: Fri, 28 Jun 1996 11:58:48
> >To: dan_masi@MENTORG.COM (Dan Masi)
> >From: George Economou <economou@tiac.net>
> >Subject: Re: A couple of minor A4Q things...
> >
> >Dan,
> >
> >I've had an A4Q since early February.  My girlfriend bought hers in 
> >Our voltmeters and radio volume knobs exhibit similar characteristics.
> >I've spoken to the service department about this and other things (see 
> >and they believe that the voltmeter and radio are OK.
> >
> >I have also noticed the following with my car, which is most annoying :-)
> >
> >Clutch squeaks and sticks when released in first and second.  This only 
> >when outside or cabin temperature is above 80/85 degrees.
> >
> >Rear left door rattles over medium to large road bumps.  It's worse in my
> >girlfriend's car.
> >
> >When the air conditioning cycles, a loud chattering sound can be heard
> >from the lower, left-side dash.  Sounds like a chattering relay.  Happens
> >infrequently, but only above 80/85 degrees.
> >
> >All these problems started happening about 1 month ago.  I'm hoping that
> >some of this stuff can get fixed soon.  Not very impressed, although dealer
> >is very helpful.
> >
> >Good luck.
> >George
> >