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Re: Synthetic Oil for Manual Transmission

> Hello Paul;
> I have an 875kCSTQ with 210k kms on it.
> What did you mean in your post about being notchy, mine grinds every now 
> and then going into third.  Like the synco is going.
> Do you think Mobil 1 would help this?
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Most definitely! I drove until 130K miles with original transmission fluid (I
assume it was synthetic). Got it changed to regular oil, it immediately was
notchy shifting, had to pause more between shifts, and during the winter, when
very cold, it wouldn't go into reverse after just starting the car. I would have
to force it into first gear and then lurch forward followed by jammin' it into

Until the tranny was warmed up, it was very notchy. The clutch is the original
one (187 K miles!), and I could feel that the fingers on the clutch were worn
and not completely disengaging the clutch. In the winter, when very cold, it
would almost want to move forward a tiny bit with the clutch pedal in, standing
still, in first gear.

After I put the Mobil 1 tranny fluid in, all symptoms of everything was gone,
and the shifting was almost as good as new (first to second just a little off,
second to third, third to fourth, and fourth to fifth were PERFECT), and you
could no longer feel the clutch trying to pull the car forward when the pedal
was depressed. I highly recommend going to synthetic for anybody having any
trouble with their tranny.

My mileage also came back up a 3-4 MPG, to about 27 MPG. Not bad for a car with


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