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Re: Synthetic Oil for Manual Transmission

> << The stuff is $10 a quart, my
>  tranny took 2 quarts, my rear end took 2 quarts.
>  Used 75W-90
>  Paul >>
> Uh...how about the cars?   ;^)  (sick...sick...I know...sorry, couldn't
> resist; long night)     ;^)
> Did you notice an overall improvement (in the car) besides the better
> shifting?  My 85 4Kcsq is getting a little finicky in the shift department
> and I was planning to change to a synth... 
> Bruce Johnson

I thought that was pretty funny, really. My tranny went from smooth shifting to
very notchy shifting when I changed to regular oil. Then went back to synthetic
one year later after figuring out that it's suppose to have the stuff. BIG
changes in shifting. I also put some Marvel Mystery oil in the tank at the same
time (about 10 oz over three tanks). My mileage improved from about 24.5 to
about 26-28 MPG. Thinking back, I bet the synthetic oil was the major
contributor to that gain.

Man, my ass is just getting over that two quarts!


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