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Re: VW Quantum Syncro

Whoooaaa there.  That's aweful steep for a Quantum Synchro.  PERFECT ones
with low miles go for around $4k.  You should be able to get down around
$3000 at least.  If not, shop around.  The Synchros are subject to the
same woes as the 4kq's - control arm bushings, exhaust leaks, etc.  Good
car though.  I've found '86s in good shape for $2200 on a couple of
occasions.  I'd definitely try to talk them way down.  If you want it, why
not try that trick some of the guys suggested a while back - take a money
order (?) for the amount you want to pay in and give it to the
dealer...I'm gonna mess this up - any of you that have done this want to
explain how it works again?  My only quam would be that $4k is too much.

Jeremy R. King	    Auburn University, Alabama, USA
///////////     '86 VW Quantum GL5     \\\\\\\\\\\\
 Rear Dynomax Glasspak, Hollow cat, Drilled Airbox
   Sach's / KYB struts, Round 55W Driving Lights
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On Mon, 24 Jun 1996 EKellock@aol.com wrote:

> I will be looking at an '87 VW Quantum Syncro Wagon tonight at a used car
> lot.  It has a little rust, mostly on the tailgate around moldings and stuff.
>  The body looks good & straight except for a crappy repaint of the hood.
>  It's a local car (traded in on a '96 something or other) and the dealer has
> offered to let me have the previous owner's name to obtain history.  It looks
> like most of the exhaust system is new.  They're asking $4650 and have
> already talked themselves down to $4200.  It's got 112K.  Any thing to look
> out for?  I can't imagine there would be too much that's vastly different.
>  Oh, yeah, it's white, of course.  My Coupe is white, my 5KCSTQ is white
> (pearl). Why not a white wagon, too?
> TIA 
> Ed Kellock
> Lansing, IA
> 87 5KCSTQ
> 87 CGT 2.3