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Re: turning in rear caliper piston

Scott Bermes and I did this on the 100q he bought for his sister.  Having
nothing else handy, we ended up using a pair of needlenose pliers.  Open
them up to align with the slots and turn carefully.  It worked, but wasn't
the best option.  Dad had the same setup on the rear of his SHO.  He ended
up making a tool out of stuff he had lying around the garage.  Just make a
T-handle attached to a crossbar with two nubs of some sort the proper
width apart to fit in the slots.  It's definitely not something to go to
the dealer over.  There's a picture of the official Audi tool in the
Bentley.  You can mimick this if you have a Bentley.

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On Wed, 26 Jun 1996, Linus D. Toy wrote:

> gonna start my brake project (pads & rotors, x 4 corners) this evening...
> the rear calipers on the '91 200q is a bit different from the earlier cars.
> in addition to being larger (43mm diameter), it doesn't have the large
> hex-head socket into which I would put an allen-key wrench.  instead, there
> are two notches near the perimeter of the piston.  
> other than the careful use of a vise-grip or channel-lock pliers (someone
> really suggested this), has anyone another idea on getting these turned back
> in?  i'd hate to take this to a dealer over this small issue, but...
> thanks,
> linus
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